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  • +49 (30) 804 03 588 | +49 (0)157 322 38619 | +33 (0) 6 79183704
  • sybille.boese-tarsia@sbt-rechtsanwaeltin.eu
  • Nickisch-Rosenegkstrasse 9, 14129 Berlin
I am happy to advise you together with my team.

I am happy to advise you together with my team. My background as an international lawyer has conferred to me a large experience to perfectly understand company policy and behaviour. We offer you legal advice with the Law boutique Sybille Boese-Tarsia, enhanced by a network of experienced IT engineers and lawyers' correspondents in France, Italy and in the Anglo Saxon territories. My team and I are pleased to offer you advice in legal questions as to IT- contract law, Data Protection and Security, as well as in Antitrust matters.


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Sybille Boese-Tarsia

My guiding principle in legal advice is (and as a demarcation with usually long waiting periods for a court decision, plus the financial burden which goes with it and the uncertainty to win) : the elucidation of facts before judging is priority.

"My starting point pursued with the legal advice is the effort to settle the parties' contentious issues, and not to litigate""- Sybille Boese-Tarsia.


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areas of specialization

My Sybille Boese-Tarsia law firm works with a pragmatic approach to resolve the problems,  ie guided by the intention to find solutions. We try to disencourage litigation and offer training to  our clients  to become sensitive prior to any disputed situation. We handle with my team German, French, Italian end English speaking clients advising in the following areas:

IT contract law

IT contracts negociations with a strong competence for agreements applying between France and Italy.

Antitrust law and merger control

M&A, as well as indiviual agreements where horizontal and vertical competition restrictions are relevant

Data protection Law

Recording and up -dating of companies' processing activities containing personal data, advising prior to the introduction of new processing activities, according to the assessment of the impact for customers, users, employees


Data protection officer (``DPO``) in Germany and France I am a certified German CPO( no: 24133780), TÜV Rheinland, and a French CIL (no: 1518320)

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About me

Based and helped by my multilingual professional competences - German , English, French and Italian- my professional experience as a lawyer and associated General Counsel, I have acquired an extensive comprehension and an easy access to the legal problems and questions of a company. Due to my long experience treating complex economic and international legal company issues , I will treat and solve the problems you present me with , based on a long corporate experience , with my team.

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I offer you legal advice directly over the telphone line, based on a fee agreed beforehand and according to the time consumed. This consultation may be completed by a personal meeting, if required. For complex situations the face to face meetings and written consultations are part of the consultancy, as well as for the representations in front of the administrations ( eg Bundeskartellamt, EU-Kommission, Data Protection authorities).


Tel: +49 (30) 804 03 588

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