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  • sybille.boese-tarsia@sbt-rechtsanwaeltin.eu
  • Nickisch-Rosenegkstrasse 9, 14129 Berlin

About me

Sybille Boese Tarsia

I am a German lawyer, my inscription is with the Bar of Berlin. I practiced for 10 years in Berlin and Brussels, with three different international law firms: Belgian, English and Italian. Thereafter I have worked for more than 20 years with an international French group of companies (with a strong foothold in the U.S.) as an associated General counsel applying and extending my European legal knowledge. Part of the competencies are the editing of legal articles, participation in international panels.

As an associated General Counsel I have trained and worked with more than 20 legal internships. I have hold regular "Legal teaches Legal" sessions in antitrust and data protection law.


My CV:

Language skills

German/English: bi-lingual
French/Italian: excellent

Professional experience

November 2015

Certified  German Data Protection Officer, TÜV Rheinland


July 2015

Certified French Data Privacy Officer ( "Correspondant Informatique et Libertés", CIL) by French CNIL

Responsible for an international French group of companies to establish the records of their processing activities


November 2014

Reinscription to the Bar of Berlin Until


April 2015

Senior lawyer and later on Associate General Counsel, Europe, in the Legal department of a major French group of companies, with a team of four lawyers in Paris (France)

Preceding Paris: a fully licensed lawyer with international law firms in Brussels: Belgian, English, Italian

Main area of responsibility in Paris/Frankreich

Antitrust law and European Law:

Apointee for EU competition law issues, managing and executing a great number and variety of procedures, legal questions on a daily basis, delegate for antitrust and data protection issues with the AFEP ( French association for private companies) in Paris.


Ethik / Compliance:

Co-editor  for the Ethics code Committee responsible for the treatment application, amendments and training in company's code of ethics, in particular for for the antitrust , IT and social networks compliance. In charge for maintaining the respect of data privacy. Corporate governance issues in German and French affiliates.


Contracts (consultation):

Regarding European company issues, appreciation and revisiting any kind of agreement ( from  merger , joint-ventures, Research and Development, transfer of technology, licensing agreements,   agency ), plus the defense in front of national and European administrations.


Contractual shaping:

Drafting and negotiation of international settlements , distribution  and technology agreements (eg with telecom operators), acquisition and sale of company assets/shares, responses to public.

Professional areas of success (as company lawyer)

Establishment of compliance progams for data protection and anti trust law: establishment of the principles, development of an internal task force and co ordination between the European affiliates and the French holding company.


Responsible for the set-up of a spin-off company in Germany.


Re- edition of the code of ethics in anti trust and data privacy matters, adapting to the UK anti-corruption law, training of key employees.


Responsible for the German watercopy technology activity after acquisition.


Responsible for the decoder and telecom gateway activity (Europe and Latin America).


Responsible for the outsourcing of the internal IT and telecom services.


Opening and responsibility of the legal service for an affiliate (broadcast activity).

Trials/Publications/Juristic Conferences

Defefense and pleading for the Legal Service European Commission: "Woodpulp" C89/95 in front of the european Court of Justice.


Since 1994: Speaker at conferences for various issues: " The French Laws under the NRE reégime ( 2001 , Institut International du développement, Paris), "PatentPools"( 2000, U.A.E., Treviso, Italy), "The European consumer guarantees (1997, Consumer Association , University of Sheffield), "Knowing how to calculte your risk of exposure to fines from antitrust cases", ( June 2011, Amsterdam), " Competition Law and Standardization Bodies" ( April 2012, lecturing at the University of  Milan), "E-discovery & Disclosure of personal data in antitrust procedures", ( Panelist at the DKN February 2014).


Author of several publications: In particular: "Right of the EU and the pollution of the sea - Obligations  and perspectives", study for the city of Genova, "Franchising, advantages and disadvantages to the consumer" (BEUC).

Social engagements

Co-founder of the German -Belgian Lawyers' Association.

Member of the Studienvereinigung Kartellrecht since 25 years.